The Strongest People I Know, My Heroes

July 20, 2017
By TheVG GOLD, Fair Haven, Vermont
TheVG GOLD, Fair Haven, Vermont
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Kids are always asked a young age - who is your hero? Why? 


The answers are usually the cliche superhero or princess that they absolutely adore at that time. But, not me. I've never written about a superhero or princess I was obsessed with. 


My answer was much more heartfelt. Mine had more meaning behind it and I felt connected to it in a way. 


My hero? You mean heroes. I have multiple - my mom, my dad, and my big brother. All three of them are my heroes and I will always look up to them for guidance, advice, and much more. 


My mother is my best friend. Whenever I need to cry, she's my shoulder to cry on. When I need to whine and complain about my friends not sitting with me at lunch or trying to date a boy I had a major crush on, she crosses her legs and listens before giving me advice on what to do. 


When I had to go through my surgeries, I had to fast. I wasn't allowed to eat, only have liquids. This was har for me growing up, so my mom did it with me. She wouldn't eat anything in front of me to keep me going and to keep me confident that I could make it through alright.


After my surgeries, she'd sit by my bedside and rub my cheek with her thumb ever so gently and I can't forget the feeling. It was so relaxing and one of those things that is such a small gesture, yet it means so much to you. I'd flutter my eyes open to see her and she'd give me a reassuring smile and greet me by calling me 'baby girl', which she knew I loved.


She couldn't stop smiling when I was all dressed up for my eighth grade graduation dance - we saw it in the pictures we took. She was so excited for her baby girl. Of course, she was sad to hear her little girl was growing up, but she was happy to see the person I was turning out to be. 


She cried at my eighth grade graduation. Her and my dad cheered so loud when I was given my awards and the diploma. They gave me flowers and couldn't keep the smiles off of their faces. They told me how proud of me they were a few times.


At my Junior Prom, my mom cheered so loud some of the other parents turned to look at her. She didn't care; she saw me in the lineup and had to show people how great she made me look. She came to pick me up after with my dad and brother and asked me many questions about how much fun I had. 


Throughout everything from my surgeries to boy to schools and proms, she had shown me how proud she is of me. She had proven it through her actions and her words. She has helped me through it all and I couldn't be prouder to call her not only my mom, but my best friend. I hope the two of us can continue to make even more fun memories.


Next, my dad, who is my other best friend. Whenever I need to cry over a boy breaking my heart, he's right there. I got my heart broken by a boy lying to me and as I read them the message, he came over and gave me a hug; when I wrapped my arms around him, I buried my face into his shoulder and burst into tears. I griped him tighter and he held me close, rubbing my back and letting me sob. He wiped my tears away when I let go.


Like my mom, he was always right there for my surgeries. On the drive to the hospital, he'd make little jokes to lighten the mood and would play some music to cheer me up. He'd make sure I was drinking plenty of fluids and would make pit stops for us to stretch and use the bathroom.


At the hospital,  he dressed in doctor's scrubs. He looked silly and I remember chuckling at his attire. He held my hand and walked with my doctor's to the operating room. He was right by my bed the entire walk and once we made it and I was dozing off, he told me how much he loved me before I fell into the deep sleep the surgeon needed.


After the surgery, he was right there with my mom. He was there to help if I got uncomfortable or if I got sick. On the ride home, he was careful to go slow over bumps so it didn't hurt my back. When we got home, he'd help me up the few stairs and inside to the bed. He would carry me when I was young and light, but as I grew up, he wrapped his arms around me and helped me to walk since it was good for me anyway. 


When I was inducted into the NHS, he kept smiling at me when I was standing up in front of everyone, shy and my face turning red. He gave me a peace sign and a nod to tell me I was doing good. After, he helped my brother take pictures of me. He made it clear that he was happy of my success and that he knew I would get nothing but the very best for all of my hard work and achievements.


He shows how proud he is of me every single day through his actions and words. I couldn't be prouder to have him as my father and my best friend, and I hope we can continue to make many more memories. 


And finally, my big brother. He is my third best friend. He is my forever friend. The two of us have been through so much together through fights and anger and lots of happiness, but throughout it all, it was nothing but mutual respect. He had always been there for me when I needed someone to talk or rant to about anything. He is there if I need a big bear hug to cheer me up.


On the way to my surgery, he would sit in the backseat with me and would make me laugh with little jokes or he would sing obnoxiously. He would sometimes point at some of the scenery outside and we would talk about how beautiful it looked. 


During my surgeries, he was there in the hospital with me. Before my surgery, I was extremely anxious and he sat in the bed with me and helped me to calm down. He would play board games with me and would color these giant pictures with me until the anesthesiologist came in. 


After the surgery, he would come over to check on me and make sure his little sister was still doing okay. When we got home, he'd come in to my bedroom to check up on me and would help me get up if I needed it. He would get me food or drinks and would just come in to give me company when I wasn't asleep. 


For my eighth grade graduation dance and graduation, he was there to take pictures and to support me. The dance, he took pictures of me and the things around me before the parents were made to leave. While I was on the stage for my graduaion, he took pictures from his seat. 


When I was ready for Junior Prom, he took pictures of me - some candid ones that I still have and absolutely adore. When I was on the runway for the prom, he took pictures from his seat and helped my parents cheer me on. He was there to pick me up from it and asked my date and I how everything went. 


When I was in front of everyone for my NHS induction, he was sitting with my parents and had a big smile on his face. He had his phone up in front of him, snapping more pictures of me, even though I was red faced and acting shy. And when we did the little chant that we had to repeat, he recorded it for me! 


And when that boy broke my heart and I burst out crying on my dad's shoulder, he found out and gave me a hug. He walked me up to the store so I could get some ice cream to drown my sorrows in and let me ramble to him on the way there. 


Throughout everything, he has been there for me. Even though we've had our sibling fights, we've never stopped being supportive of one another. He has been there to celebrate my successes and to help me through my downfalls. 


I am proud to call him my big brother and my other best friend. I hope we continue to make more memories together as we grow up and split into our own lives. 


Overall, these three people have changed my life for the better.  They have heled me through everything from good to bad and have proven to me that they will continue to. I can never repay them for everything they have done for me. I can't thank them enough for everything.


They are my heroes and my inspiration because of everything they've done for me. My heroes are the strongest people I know. They will always be the strongest people I know. They have inspired me to be the best person I can be and to always follow my dreams. They have inspired me to be my strongest. 


My heroes are my mom, my dad, and my big brother. Thank you three for everything you have ever done for me - I love you all. 

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