Mother Theresa

May 8, 2017
By Anonymous

Many people have different perspectives on what constitutes a hero and everyone’s hero may be different. Heroes can come in all shapes and forms; however, traditional heroes are typically idealized for their strength and courage. In addition, hero can be a person that one aspires to be or looks up to as a role model. A modern day hero that I admire is Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun who served the poor. When she was young, Mother Teresa’s father fell ill and passed away. Through this tragic experience, Mother Teresa became closer with her mother and learned the importance of compassion and charity. From this moment, Mother Teresa knew she wanted to live a life dedicated to the helpless and be a voice for the needy. She has now become recognized by the Catholic church as a saint due to her selflessness and charity. Mother Teresa is my modern day hero because of her great strength, courage, and generosity.

Mother Teresa exuded the qualities of a hero through her strong spirituality and devotion to God by becoming a nun and working with young girls to fortify their faith. Mother Teresa believed that everything she did was through God and that nothing was possible without his presence within her. Mother Teresa came from a devout Catholic family, and her mother instilled in her at a young age the importance of giving to others who are less fortunate. In addition, she attended a convent-run primary school where she grew deeper in her relationship with God and felt that God was calling her to religious life at a young age. At eighteen years old, she became a nun and joined the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland. Furthermore, Mother Teresa began to teach at a girls’ school, and out of goodness, she sought to bring them closer to a life of devotion to Christ. Mother Teresa is my hero because she had such a strong spiritual life, and she was deeply devoted to God.

Mother Teresa is also my hero due to the courage she displayed working in Calcutta’s slums, aiding people who had diseases, and standing up for what she believed in. Mother Teresa dropped everything in order to aid the people in Calcutta who were in need because God was calling her to do so. I believe that took a lot of courage on her part because she was already secure in her teachings at a girls’ school called St. Mary’s. She had to step out of her comfort zone completely and administer to people who were deathly ill. In addition, going to Calcutta meant that she was at a high risk of being exposed to different types of diseases. However, this did not deter her because her sole purpose was to help the “the unwanted, the unloved, and the uncared for." Mother Teresa cared for the outcasts of society when no one else would and comforted them in their most vulnerable moments. Additionally, Mother Teresa was courageous because she was steadfast in her beliefs. She spoke out against and opposed controversial topics such as contraception and was not willing to conform to society’s beliefs. Mother Teresa is my hero due to her courage because she aided the sick in Calcutta’s slums and stood up for her beliefs.

Finally, Mother Teresa is my hero due to her generosity because she spent her life giving to the poor and carrying out humanitarian work. When she was a child, Mother Teresa and her mother would often eat with destitute families who had nowhere to stay. In addition, she dedicated her life to serving the poor in Calcutta. From there, she founded the Order of the Missionaries of Charity with some of her former colleagues at St. Mary’s School. Through this charity, Mother Teresa was able to receive numerous donations to create an orphanage, homes for the sick, and many mobile health clinics. Mother Teresa is my hero because she was a very generous person who put others’ needs before her own, and she gave up everything that she had to help those who were outcasts in society.

Mother Teresa is my hero and role model through her strength, courage, and generosity. She came from a devout Catholic family and displayed a strong spirituality with God, dedicating herself to him in order to serve the poor and vulnerable. In addition, Mother Teresa exuded great courage when she left St. Mary’s School, moved to Calcutta’s slums, and worked with people who had diseases. Finally, Mother Teresa is considered my modern day hero due to her generosity because she spent her life giving to the poor and doing humanitarian work.


Furthermore, she was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a congregation of women devoted to helping the needy. To conclude, Mother Teresa is my hero because inspires me everyday to become a better person and treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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