Soccer Mentor: Chachiballa Dominguez

April 28, 2017
By ChrisbCF BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
ChrisbCF BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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What is needed for one to achieve their goals? Many may say it takes a lot of practice. According to my dear friend and soccer mentor Chachiballa Dominguez, it is not this simple. Yes, lots of practice and effort are needed to achieve something big. But the will to do it is also needed. It has to be wanted,  this goal has to be something important to one’s self. This bit of advice has rubbed off on me, then influenced my character, my soccer, and my work ethic. It really has stuck with me. Now, in almost anything I do I pause and ask myself, “How bad do I want this?” Definitely, Chachiballa has played a big role in this stage of my life. There are three main areas where he has done so. My character, soccer, and work ethic are these areas. I will share all three.

Chachiballa seemed like just a soccer trainer when I first met him. But I realized he is a whole lot more than that. He has played a big part in my character and on how I handle my  everyday life situations. One of the biggest things that he has talked about when it comes to character is not doing anything that would be regretted and not doing anything that is against what is right. Do what is in the best interest of one’s self, and others. I try to base most of my decisions off of this philosophy. Another thing, is that one needs to keep a good attitude even when they are losing or something is not going their way. Life doesn’t always take the path that is expected. It can take turns in the wrong direction, and one has to straighten out their course. From what I’ve seen, Chachiballa really cares about people. For example, he came to my last soccer game this season but we ended up losing. I felt absolutely distraught at losing in front of such a prominent person in my life. I talked to him after the game and he saw that I was having a tough time. He told me, “It’s just football,” and he tried to give me advice on how to improve. Honestly, I haven’t really understood the fact that soccer is only a game, and that there are more important things. Maybe I’ll get it eventually. This just shows why Chachiballa is a great man. He isn’t just that amazing soccer player that I thought he was. But speaking of playing soccer;

Chachiballa has a played a big hand in my development as a soccer player. I remember the first time that I had training with him, I was amazed at how much he knows about the game. I found out that he has sent three of his players on to play professionally. Even bigger than that I found out that he himself had played internationally for a while. “He knows what he’s doing,” I thought to myself. I decided that if I want to excel at soccer, I am in good hands with Chachiballa. For about the last year and a half I have had training with him pretty consistently, and I am enjoying it tremendously. I have no doubt that my level of play would not be where it is today if it weren’t for him. He has influenced every part of my game greatly, more than I ever imagined he would. From my physicality, to my ball skills, to my tactical play. I’ve realized that if I want to take my play to a “whole ‘nother level,” that I can do it through Chachiballa. I have faith that he can make me the player that I have dreamed of being. But to get there, I will need something else, work ethic.

I have no doubt that Chachiballa has influenced me the most through my work ethic. A big thing that he has talked about when it comes to work ethic is that people will give respect if leadership is shown. Leading by example is how Chachiballa lives his life. Not just for soccer, but in everything that he does, and I don’t know a single person who has a bad thing to say about  him. So, I have tried to live life like this, on and off the pitch. I try to be the best leader that I can in everything that I do. Maybe it’s working, maybe it’s not. But I would like to think that I am leading by example in most things that I do. If so, it’s all due to Chachiballa. I vividly remember Chachiballa saying at training one day something that has stuck with me since. It’s that if one truly wanted to get good at something, whether it be soccer or something else, it needs an incredible amount of devotion, time, and effort. All of these are aspects of work ethic. I have done my best to incorporate these into not only soccer but other things too. School, speech, track, everything. If I really want something I devote myself to it, I do not give in. I have ended up setting some pretty lofty goals for myself. For instance, last winter I really set my eyes on lettering in speech, and I accomplished it. I have also set my eyes on becoming the school record holder for the 800 meter run. But above all, I want to play college soccer. It would be a dream come true. I have accomplished some of my goals, but on others, I have a ways to go. I wouldn’t even have thought about setting these goals if it weren’t for Chachiballa. But he has told me not to doubt myself. Go big! I definitely think that these goals are going big, too big? I don’t know, I guess that I will find out soon enough. I truly want to accomplish these goals. I think I can do it with what Chachiballa has taught me about work ethic. It is going to take devotion, time, effort, and a leader to follow. I intend for that leader to be Chachiballa. Maybe I’m a little crazy, well I know that I’m a little crazy, but I feel that if I work hard enough, these goals can, and will be succeeded. If these goals do get accomplished, I’ll only have Chachiballa to thank. Work ethic is definitely the area of my life where he has influenced me the most, and I thank him for that.


Chachiballa Dominguez is not only a great soccer player but a great man. He has influenced my life in three big ways: My character, my soccer, and my work ethic. I sincerely thank him for all that he has done for me. He has played a big role in my life, and I hope that he continues to play a big role in my life. What is needed to achieve one’s goals? I have found the answer to this. What’s needed is devotion, hard work, and above all, someone to follow, someone like Chachiballa Dominguez.

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I really want everyone to know that in order to be loved for your skill in sport, you also have to be a good person.

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