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April 5, 2017
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Dear Veteran,

Hello! My name is Lexie and I am a junior in high school. Recently, my Creative Writing class and I watched the Honor Flight film and I realized if I have the opportunities to take advantage of my freedom , then you must have the opportunity to see how your legacy is honored. To know you are reading this after seeing your heroism recognized in the war memorials, elates me immensely.

Because of my privileges, at 18 I will be going to Paris for a vacation. At 18, you went across the world, just like I will be doing, but for a purpose much larger. You are the reason I am fortunate. You risked your life at my age, just so I can go anywhere with the freedom I possess.You are the one who has handed this freedom to me  and I cannot help but be thankful.

Freedom is not only a state of mind, but also a treasure that not many possess. The risks you took and the hardships you still may face today also exemplify the importance of this free state of mind. You, along with many others, have given every generation to come a freedom that is not only extremely important but a privilege. Those who recognize these freedoms and see the importance in the duty you served, are endlessly appreciative. Being able to appreciate this bravery, i see the world in a whole new perspective. A military jet overhead is not just a plane, but a protector; Our military is not just our protector but a savoir; A veteran is not just a person, but a hero. 

As I pack for Paris, run through security, check into my flight, and relax in my  plane seat, I will be thinking of you and all that you have done. I do not think I can thank you enough for this. If I tried, this letter would be a novel. So I will leave you with this…

Thank you for everything, from choosing to fight to giving our country your all. I speak for everyone when I say that we are forever be thankful as you live on in history, forever a hero.
I hope your trip was fantastic and more!


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