Malcolm X

April 3, 2017
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Malcom X changed from being a street hustler to being a freedom fighter by reading.

For example, “Malcom X was a street hustler.” This shows that he did bad things. He got a consequence by going to jail.

While he was in jail, he had a desire to change so he can become like his hero. He was unhappy with his writing. He had been writing letters to Elijah Muhammad who was his favorite person in the world. How he changed is, he started reading in the dark from the light of the jail hallway secretly behind the security guard’s back. He wrote every word in the dictionary. This shows how he became a reader and a writer.

After Malcom X finally started to read, he got smarter. The text states, “I could for the first  time pick up a book and read and being to understand what the book was saying.” This shows how reading books can make you cleverer.

In conclusion, this shows that Malcolm X was a history maker. We can learn from  this because we can become like him but not being a street hustler, being a freedom fighter.

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