Why I´m Thankful for America's Veterans

March 7, 2017
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Dear Wisconsin Veteran,


My name is Phoebe W. and I just watched the Honor Flight movie and it got me thinking about my own experience with the military, as well as yours. I am familiar with the military due to uncles, parents and cousins signing up and being shipped off on their own, but the one person that connects you to me the most is my great grandfather. He was a Vietnam vet, maybe just like you. He was included in the draft and had to fight for his country whether he wanted to or not. He was a brave man and fought for freedom in whatever way he could until he died.

Freedom to me is being able to live one's life in the way they choose. Veterans like you fought for us to have that right. I thank you for giving me that freedom, as well as your fellow brothers and sisters who fought alongside you. You are courageous and inspiring for doing what you did to give me the rights I now have.

I thank you because I want to get a college education and I want to better my life and skills—and you gave me the freedom to do that. I saw the Veterans Memorials a few years back and made sure I payed my tributes to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for my rights and freedoms. It was an emotional experience and I hope you have the best of times visiting the memorial and Washington D.C.

I would love to hear back from you about your trip in either a letter or an email if you wish to return my letter.



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