Why I'm Thankful for Veterans

March 6, 2017
By bigdupes GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
bigdupes GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Dear Wisconsin Veteran,

My name is Blake and I am a senior at Arrowhead High School. I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for what you fought for many years ago. 

Words cannot describe the effect your efforts have had on today’s world. Because of you, people in the United States have freedom. To me, freedom is the ability to choose your path in life. You fought for the ability of Americans to be able to choose their own path in life. Because of this, people can do what makes them happy and enjoy life. I am able to go to Iowa State next year and study engineering because you fought for my freedom. You put your life on the line for generations of Americans to come, and that is something that is of the most honorable.

Another important thing you fought for is safety. You fought so we don’t have to worry about unrest in our country. In America, we don’t have to worry about constant threat of war, unlike many countries.   

One thing that amazes me about veterans from your era is that most of them were drafted at the age of 18. The number of people that were needed to join the war effort and fight so honorably for the greatest country in the world is amazing. Being a 17 year old, I cannot imagine myself going into the military and fighting for my country at such a young age. 

Again, thank you for your service. Our country would not be the same today without your efforts many years ago. The effects are still being felt today, the biggest being that every American has freedom.  I hope you enjoyed your trip to Washington D.C. that was long overdue.



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