Gratitude for Veterans

March 6, 2017
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Dear Veteran,

I appreciate everything you’ve done for this country. I recently watched the Honor Flight movie and it inspired me to write and show my gratitude. I have family members who fought in the Korean War, so I know how hard it must of been to leave your family when our country needed you. But your service was and is a crucial part of keeping this country free and I thank you for making that sacrifice.

I am so thankful that I am lucky enough to live in a country that allows me to live how I want. Freedom to me is being able to make choices for myself. Freedom is a right, but it is also a privilege. I know that someone has to pay the price for that freedom and those who do are courageous, brave, and most of all they are heroes. You left your family to fight for freedom. That’s something most people don’t even consider doing. I know some men were drafted to fight, but it takes a lot of courage to give your all to the cause. You may not have wanted to be there, but we are free today because people like you worked for it. I am almost at the age of possibly being drafted if needed. To think that instead of going to college, I might be forced to go to war and fight for my life is a terrifying thought. This is why I am so grateful that today we don’t have to worry about getting drafted, but the fact that you did is heart wrenching.

My grandfather was drafted into the Korean War, and then my grandmother (his girlfriend) decided to become a nurse in the Navy. My grandparents were young, but still had plans that were put on hold. This is much like what I’m sure you had to do.

You and your fellow veterans, sitting around you on the plane, are an inspiration to Americans. The military is our protection and guarantee of freedom, so we need all the members we can get. All the lives that were lost and all the mothers worrying about their sons and daughters is an overwhelming number. I am beyond grateful that you put your life on hold, left your family and fought for our freedom.


Thank you

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