Honor Flight Mail Call letter

March 6, 2017
By marce547 GOLD, PEWAUKEE, Wisconsin
marce547 GOLD, PEWAUKEE, Wisconsin
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Dear Wisconsin Veteran,

Your service to our country means so much to me. Thank you for fighting for our country. I hope you’ve had a wonderful time today exploring Washington D.C and the memorials dedicated to you.

I am Marcelina and am a senior at Arrowhead High School. I have just watched the Honor Flight movie, and am so glad you experienced this trip with your fellow servicemen and women.

Thank you for taking time out of your life to be brave. I know many of us will never know what you went through during your service. Regardless, I will be forever grateful for you and the the other veterans who fought for our freedom. I have the freedom to pursue my dreams without restrictions. I also have the freedom to speak my mind without punishment, no matter if I am wrong or right.

I am writing today to say thank you for defending the freedom to be our true selves when other countries do not have that ability. I do not need to be concerned about the possibility of others taking away my power to do what I please.

You have made a great sacrifice to leave everything at home to fight for what you believe in. Maybe you do not hear it enough, but your bravery means so much to all Americans even if we don’t say it all the time.

A family friend of mine fought in the Air Force and was accomplished during his service. A couple of my uncles also served as Marines, so I have heard some of what they have gone through and the results after as well. I hope the troubles you have brought home have gotten easier to deal with as time has gone on. Having people I know in the service opened my eyes to appreciating all that you do more. 

Day in and day out you fought for our rights that so many of us take for granted each day. Our seclusion from knowing what you go through leads us to not acknowledging it all of the time, but you and all other veterans deserve that acknowledgement. You are a true American hero.

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