Wisconsin Veteran Honor Flight 2017

March 6, 2017
By JF1126 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
JF1126 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear Wisconsin Veteran,

I am writing to remind you that you and your fellow veterans are true heros. I hope you have had an amazing experience on your Honor Flight, and that you realized how thankful everyone is for your service to our country. You are part of the Greatest Generation that kept us free. You are a shining example to everyone in America, and I hope we can all learn from your sacrifice.

I am an senior at Arrowhead High School, and my fellow students and I are writing to express our gratitude towards you and all veterans. We hope the Honor Flight has helped you realize that you are remembered by every citizen.

I am personally very thankful for your service, and the sacrifice of every veteran’s family. Both my grandfathers were in the Army, in active duty in Korea. My cousins are enlisted in the Navy, and I have three close friends getting deployed this year. I have a family friend who recently went on the Honor Flight, and said he thinks every veteran should be publicly honored as a hero that way. I couldn't agree more.

You are the reason Americans can live safely every day. Your service has provided us protection, and our freedoms. You are the reason I don't have to leave my family after graduating to fight in a foreign country. You are the reason I can freely go to church, and get whatever job I want.

I would one day like to become an engineer, and I think it needs to be remembered that you are the reason I can get the education of my choice. I realize everything we can do comes at a price, and you have left a legacy we can all live by. The world may be changing, but our gratefulness to you and all veterans will never change.

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