Wisconsin Veterans

March 6, 2017
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Dear Wisconsin Veteran,

I want to thank you for fighting for my country and my freedom. My name is Blake, and I am 17 years old. I attend Arrowhead High School and play varsity baseball and football. I plan on attending UW-Oshkosh and continuing my baseball career there. My class recently watched the Honor Flight movie and I personally thought the veterans were treated well and it was nice for the vets to get what they deserved after serving several years in the war.

A veteran is a hero to me because they put their lives on the line for me and the country. Not everyone can say they could do that making them heroes to most Americans. I define freedom by having the right to go do something you love to do. And not being held back from reaching your dreams and goals. Veterans are reason why I am able to say that.

I have not visited the War Memorials but I would like to see it when I get older to learn more about veterans. The Honor Flight movie does a good job of showing the Memorials and how big and neat it is. I believe that every vet should try and make it because the Honor Flight program does a great job of making the Heros have a day they will always remember.

Veterans have such a huge impact on me and anyone who lives in America. Without them I would not be able to play baseball or be able to continue playing in college. One thing that really inspired me to write today is the amount of people that gave up baseball to join the war. Baseball had just started to become America’s pastime because of the amount of soldiers that played and loved the game. I can’t thank you guys enough, the sacrifices made by everyone will forever be with me as I continue my life.




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