March 1, 2017

People must open their hearts to those around them, because kindness matters. Kindness makes the world go round; it’s what helps people get up in the morning, what allows people to have hope that things will get better. I attempt to do commit small acts of kindness every day, such as smiling at people when I pass them in the hall, giving someone a compliment, or holding the door open for someone. I’m inspired to be empathetic and kind by people who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place, through their charitable acts that come from the goodness in their heart.

Even though things such as holding the door open for somebody seem like small, daily things, they can have a bigger impact than many realize. For instance, giving somebody a smile when you see them can show somebody who may be feeling alone, that they are acknowledged. A smile is a silent gesture of kindness, and helps to make a connection between two people. As mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile”.  Another example of a small action that can make a big difference is giving somebody a compliment. Most of a person’s life is not on display, and people may be surprised to learn about what a person, whom they think they know well, is actually thinking and feeling. A person a could be experiencing a loss of confidence in themselves, or is being put down by others, but a compliment can help to boost a person’s self esteem. This boost of confidence can be exactly what the person needs to get them through the day. Both a smile and a compliment, while small deeds, are two things you can do to make a difference in somebody’s life. Most of a person’s life is not on display, and people may be surprised to learn about what a person, whom they think they know well, is actually thinking and feeling. Nobody’s life is perfect, and everyone has difficulties, and seemingly small act of kindness can make it’s mark.

Something that can be holding a person back from going out of their way to show kindness is the effect that it might have on their lives. Many are only concerned with their problems, and believe that they shouldn’t have to deal with the difficulties of others. However, while one should focus on his or her own health and happiness, simply being kinder can have a huge impact on somebody who may be having the same problems as himself or herself. This doesn't have to mean that his or her life should be centered around the problems of another individual. It only means that they would be taking a small portion of their time to help. There are people who dedicate a huge part of their time to making the lives of people, whom they may not even know, better. One of these people is Mother Teresa, who spent the majority of her life to serving the poor in India. She founded a charity organization called the Missionaries of Charity, which continues to help improve the lives of people who don’t have enough. However, just because someone is dedicated to helping others, does not mean that they can do other things along with it. Angelina Jolie is an example of this. She is not only a humanitarian, but a successful filmmaker and actress. She worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and founded charity organizations such as the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which works on community development and environmental preservation in Cambodia. These individuals are two of many incredible beings who dedicate their lives to showing kindness, buy founding organizations and going to other countries to help people. If they can do this, giving someone a smile, compliment, or holding open the door for them is simple.
Kindness matters because it can change people's lives. It helps them to have hope that things can get better, or it can simply brighten their day. Either way it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to reach out to others and show them kindness. There are many people who can provide inspiration to show empathy for others. If everyone follows in their footsteps, the world can be changed with kindness.

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