Harry Casbohm

November 18, 2016
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Meet Harry, he hasn't done anthing special such as save five puppies, or stopped a speeding train. But he does have one thing that I think makes him a hero, he stands up to people and is always sticking up for people. 


Let me start with some background info, he lost his parents as a child. so him being upbeat is pretty special,also he was or still is depressed ( I am not sure). There so one day one kid we will call "pat" made fun of his parents, so harry got mad as I would expect him to.As he is about to pummle this kid, he stops and is called down to the office to talk to someone. This in my opinion is a hero,as he does not take crap and we need a hero who can do that. Then Harry would stick up for a kid like that for example, I was made fun of for reasons I am not comfortable to talk about, but Harry stuck up for me making me feel better.


  This is why i think Harry is a hero and a great friend 

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