The Heroes of War: This Is What Memorial Day Is About

September 28, 2016
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Sleeping in until noon, attending a neighborhood barbeque at the local park, or boating on a brisk, clear lake. To some, Memorial Day is a three day weekend full of enjoyable activities spent with family and friends. But to others, Memorial Day is white granite markers, symbolic gunshots, and red white and blue flags.

Since the Civil War, Memorial Day has inspired and informed generations of Americans on what past soldiers have done for their country. My grandfather and uncle both served time protecting our country. Fortunately, they came home to their families but many unlucky soldiers never were seen or heard from again. This is what Memorial Day is about.

Almost every family in America has at least one person in their family that’s been a part of the military (grandparents, great grandfather, or second cousins). My grandfather was a part of the Vietnam War but he didn’t fight on the battlefield. Even though my grandfather wasn’t in battle, he used his serves in the American Military as a mechanic for the Air Force. Mechanics were important to the Air Force, because they would fix the aircrafts that were damaged during combat and get them back out on the field. This is what Memorial Day is about.

Even though men were forced to join the military, others enlisted by choice. Memorial Day isn’t limited to just historic wars from the past; it’s here to honor all men and women who have served and died in the line of battle. Like my grandfather, many people were a part of the war and had their different way of helping. The military has nurses, communicators, mechanics. Memorial Day is important and instead of watching television or enjoying a BBQ, take some time to thank your veterans. This is what Memorial Day is about.

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