September 27, 2016
By WillyWankaWonderBoy99 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
WillyWankaWonderBoy99 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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Abby. She only learned to say the word ‘cow” six weeks ago. She is 15.And she suffers from being mentally disabled, meaning that her intelligence is that comparable to a five or six year old. On top of that she suffers from severe verbal apraxia which in short means that she will never grasp the language of English and her brain will never be fully developed. She will never be able to live her own life, she will always have to be supported in some way, she will never drive a car or go to college or find a lasting marriage or have children or have a family. And the worst part is that she has realised this, she knows she is different. But even though Abby is different from others, she also knows she is much more unique than most as her ever caring heart can rarely be matched in terms of pure, true kindheartedness. And so, despite her daily struggles to communicate and prosper in our fast paced world, she reverts back to her single greatest asset and her infectious smile will always be shining on her face. She will try to help out with as many things as she can, she will try to speak her mind to the best of her abilities, and she will always give out free hugs to anybody willing to accept them, except me, because I'm her cousin and somehow that's weird to her strange yet beautiful mind. And that's why she is so special because no matter what impairs her, she will always be her unique self unhampered by the imposing boundaries of the real world. She will see life through her eyes, as something pure, happy, and untouchable as Life can only really be seen as a blessing,.... as long as it has a horse in it. Abby lives and breathes horses.For her, they represent a connection to the real world that nobody can ever take away from her. She has completely mastered the art of horseback riding, and sure it might have taken her three times as long as a normal child, she has nonetheless been relentless in her effort to make her name stand tall in her community. They allow her to make friends through the Special Olympics, where she can meet people like her and who do not cast a strange, disapproving look at her when she rides. Horses or “Horciees” so much more than a horse to her as they are her bridge to get accepted into society as well as representing the freedom of nature with their free flowing grace and effortless beauty, anything but easy to be tamed, just like her. And in Horses Abby sees Abby. And in Abby, I see my horses. And in a horse, the world can see ther ride to fulfillment in life, for they are the existence, of hope, of freedom, of love, of truth, of joy, of a hug, of a good night kiss, of a heartfelt song, of a dream come true. And joy and smiling and life and treasure and failure and success and happiness and the will to survive and compassion and unheralded happiness and horses and Abby. Who for me, is the pillar of Humanity.

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