The Reverberation of the Battlefields

September 28, 2016

Strength. There’s men bleeding, still shooting at the common enemy. There’s women limping, arms around the shoulders of her comrades. Men and women alike run, sweat shimmering on their foreheads. The reverberation of the battlefields is heard today.

As a child. No school! Today means fun. My cousins and I run around the backyard of my grandparents’ house. The smell of brats and hamburgers tingle my nose. We leap into the icy pool to cool off our sticky bodies. Candy is thrown to us. Bags pile high with various types of treats. Why are there American flags painted on our faces?

Bravery. Through the thick fog of gunfire, the blank faced enemy soldiers capture our American soldiers. The Americans, fighting for our country's freedom, are now prisoners of war. There’s lice infused clothing, nothing to eat, and endless darkness. Red and blue paints the bodies of our American heros as the enemies release their anger.

As a teenager. Uncle Steve, at the tender age of 18, volunteers to fight in the Vietnam war. The remnants of Agent Orange attack his lungs. Years of oxygen tanks fill his life. Soon he is house ridden, barely holding onto life. Slowly, he takes his last breath on Earth. A flag is rested over this American hero, the 21 gun salute echos through the air. He will always be remembered and will never be forgotten.

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for the millions of war heroes who have died on the altar of freedom, and made the ultimate sacrifice. I give my deepest gratitude to Uncle Steve and the millions of others who have served and died for my freedom. To this day, the Statue of Liberty rises high above New York, representing America with pride, showing how strong we are because of these heros.

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