Remembering the Soldiers of Silence

September 28, 2016
By SCPKalex GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
SCPKalex GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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War commenced. Tranquil valleys and forests were plagued with the sounds of terror. Explosions announced the death of a squad. Bullets whistled by as the deadly projectile went for the killing blow. Battle cries rang out from soldiers collapsed on the ground, gravely injured but still shooting. War was a colossal speaker, playing out the most dreadful music ever conceived by mankind.

Memorial Day is a day of silence. A day honoring those who fought to keep America quiet—the Soldiers of Silence. This day highlights both gain and loss from the wars of history.

In the chaotic glory of combat, noble men and women sought to end disagreements in what was considered the only way to prevail. As soon as a threat to our country’s well-being was identified, warfare followed. Servicemen and women fought that threat, even if it was our country itself.

In each soldier’s mind was the same goal: be victorious and bring America to its peaceful state once more. Eliminate whatever force advocated bringing America to deafening unrest. Keep America free. Keep the sounds of terror away from the country.

Months went by like clouds, and with each passing day, the soldiers hoped that tomorrow would be the end of conflicts.

Eventually, guns ceased firing. Bombs stayed in their loading bay. Radios issuing commands emitted dead air. The land was silent once more. Victory was achieved, and America was still the glorious country it was before.


Memorial Day is a day to recognize the brave soldiers. When the sounds of terror erupt in the world, these men and women don’t cover their ears. They set off to find the source of the racket and silence it—even if they wouldn’t live to hear the end. They were prepared to die and suffer if it meant that their families back home would live in peaceful bliss.

When I go outside, whether night or day, and hear no gunshots, explosions, or screams, I can know that the Soldiers of Silence gave much to keep it that way.

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