A Day to be Grateful

September 29, 2016

Memorial Day marks the kickoff to summer. With fewer than 15 days left of school, jeans are changed to shorts. The days begin to lengthen while nights dwindle. The aroma of charcoal and smoke fill the air as Dad cooks hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Winter boots are pushed to the back of the coat closet to make room for flip flops and sandals. The faint sound of music hums over the boat motor as our pontoon hits the waves of the lake.

Memorial Day marks a time to celebrate. In the early morning, I run outside to push flags of red, white, and blue into the gravel along the side of the road. I tread behind my family while searching for the perfect spot on the road to lay down a blanket to watch the parade. As we drive, I gaze at the American flags hung on streetlights. We stay up past my sister’s bedtime as we watch the sparkling, explosion of fireworks, with a strong scent of citronella on our clothes. I go with my family to my grade school to watch the yearly performance of the American Salute. I smile while watching the fifth graders sing “Fifty, nifty, United States...” 

Memorial Day marks a time to be grateful. It’s a time to appreciate being able to enjoy summer days with friends and family. Memorial Day reminds Americans to be thankful that there are people brave enough to face the horror of war. Memorial Day is a time to thank the men and women who leave their families and friends to protect us.

Memorial Day represents a nation coming together as a community. Friends and families and neighbors come together on this day to celebrate freedom, bravery, and strength. It’s a day for people of different races, religions, genders and sexuality to come together and be proud to be an American.

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