Running as Father

February 28, 2009
He calms his breathing as he slows to a stop; watching the world run by him, in his green sea water swimming shorts. His hair has aged to gray and blackish, he tries to keep strong in such a hating world. He moves and moves and steps further and further, running and jogging farther away from the abyss. Searching for comfort and help with raising teenagers who seem to despise him. They intended no harm or hurt.

Suit and a tie is what he lived in for days and years as a grown up, trying to make an impact in society. As he ran past a merry-go-round he found himself having a flashback, of when the teens were little and innocently loving; he smiled at the memory. Passing stores and houses in a small town where he had grown up and where he had raised his own five dollar family. He was quaint and a little man sturdy and strong-minded. He was selfless in others eyes, he waved and they waved as he swept on by down the road. While he rushed through abandoned streets and alley ways, he began to wonder his purpose among others and himself.

Stopping to breathe in the fresh night air, agitated he took a slow walk around a red brick house. He stops and stares across at the snowed on pine trees and faded yellow garage door. So many memories, so many happy and sad times, all seemed to flow out at him all at once. A prideful tear drops onto his white bland shirt, he whips it away as he drops to his knees, frustrated wondering where he had gone wrong with them all. Exhausted and hopeful he gained courage and rose from his brandished kneeling, he sprinted giving way to lost and useless questions that were unimportant to a day.

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j.d payne said...
Dec. 8, 2010 at 12:53 pm
 this story was so full of imagination that we bound are selfs of,the thoughts we don't wont to think and the memories we don't want to be reminded of .
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