My Hero

February 18, 2009
By Connor Mears SILVER, Baltic, South Dakota
Connor Mears SILVER, Baltic, South Dakota
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In my life I have many heroes; one of which is my grandfather. He has done many things in his life dropped out of school in eighth grade to help his father on the farm. Became a mail carrier then after that he owned a clothing store for 10 years. He was an EMT for 30 years which is a long time an EMT is someone that does Emergency Medical Transportation. One of the coolest things he had one as an EMT before is that he tackled a guy that was going to shoot some people at Baltic corner so my grandpa tackled him and held him done and held the gun till the cops got there. He also made a veteran's memorial park all by himself carrying 50 to 100 lb. rocks up a ladder going up and down many times. This park can be seen in Dell Rapids, South Dakota in the field to the right of the Dell Rapids Rocky Run Car Wash.

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