Albert Einstein

February 18, 2009
By Shanna Helgeland SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Shanna Helgeland SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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One of the many people I idolize as a hero is Albert Einstein. He has improved our world with so many inventions, and was one of the smartest people the world has ever known. Albert Einstein was Jewish, and he lived during World War II when Hitler and the Holocaust was thriving, and he came to America to flee from the genocide. Albert Einstein was also often referred to as 'stupid' in school by his teachers, and people commonly assumed he wouldn't get very far in life. I wonder how his teachers feel now, or felt when he proved them wrong, so painfully wrong. He has proved to me and the rest of the world that you don't have to be smart in school to be smart in general. He is living proof (or formarly living proof) of that, and his life and experiences reassures me that I am smart, regardless of what my academic grades say. To me, grades only tell you how good you are at remembering, and repeating, hardly anything else. Grades don't mean anything if you aren't learning the material you're repeating. Albert Einstein is one of my many heroes.

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