My Hero Batman

February 18, 2009
By Nick Welbig SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Nick Welbig SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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My hero is Batman. Batman is the coolest of all the superhero. Batman can do anything like fly, get shot and not get hurt, and he has a cool car that is called the bat mobile and it turns into a really fast motorcycle. Batman has an underground lab where all his suits and car are keep so nobody can find where he hides. Batman can save anybody in any situation and can beat up anybody that attacks him. Batman has a whole bunch of cool gadgets that help him find and punish the bad guys. Batman biggest villain is the Joker, but batman could defeat the Joker with ease but he just wants to have some fun with him before him defeats him. Batman's job is to protect Gotham City, which is pretty easy for him. If you are going to have a superhero as strong as batman make his job a little harder and the villain someone a little stronger. Batman is the best superhero.

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