My dad

February 17, 2009
By Sean Gerber SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Sean Gerber SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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My dad is my hero because he doesn't want to change who he is. To be honest we are nothing alike, and I look nothing like him. He loves Nascar, puzzles, reading, hunting, and fishing, but I don't enjoy any of those things because I don't have the patience for any of them. He also loves learning and watches the History and the Discovery Channels, and again I'm not crazy about those things. He's calm, committed quiet, and at times strict, and I'm not good at being calm or especially committed. Yet as much as we tease him about being a redneck and a nerd for watching the History channel, he just smiles and doesn't care what we say. For being 56 and having arthritis he's a fun, outgoing guy that's what I like mostly about him. That's why my dad is my hero.

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