My Hero

February 17, 2009
By Danyelle Ernesti SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Danyelle Ernesti SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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I have more than one hero in my life. Most of them are close to me and others I don't even know. My mom is one of my heroes. She listens to everything I say and gives me advice on different things I'm going through at that moment. She voices her opinions to me and tells it like it is sometimes. I like that because it shows you how strong she is. She tells me stories of what she's gone through in her life that weren't the best choices she's ever made or done. She tells me she's learned a lot from her mistakes and tells me I need to make my own decisions more often than getting my decisions from others. She sometimes doesn't know how to put things, but I know what she means most the time. I'm like her in similar ways, but I mostly get things from my dad. People say I look a lot like my dad and I do, but my decision making comes more from my mom who is one of my heroes I can always go to.

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