My Grandpa

February 17, 2009
By TayAnn GOLD, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
TayAnn GOLD, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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My hero would probably my great grandpa. His name is Virgil, he died about two and a half years ago right after his wife, my great grandma died. He wa a surviving soldier of World War II, and the only person I had ever seen carry a bible with him everywhere he had gone. He read the bible first thing in the morning, right before bed, and when ever her wasn't busy.

My grandpa was always happy, he tried to make the best of everything, no matter how bad it was. He had always had a way to make you feel better! I wish that wile he was still here that I would have taken time more time to ask him about how war was, and actually talk to him and learn things about his life. He was great, and could always make everyone smile. His favorite thing to do would have to be make angel food cake. Whenever you wanted it, you can guarentee he had it!! He is the guardian angel of my family as well as my grandmother, and they are missed very much!

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