Do You Remember?

February 16, 2009
By Nickie Floyd BRONZE, Brookhaven, Mississippi
Nickie Floyd BRONZE, Brookhaven, Mississippi
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Do you remember the years of slavery, the civil rights movement perhaps, or even the year 2008 when the first African American man was sworn in for presidenticy. Do you remember how white men came over to our motherland, took us and shoved us into tiny holes on a boat naked, with hardly ever anything to eat or drink to bring us over to this so call land we call free and equal. Do you remember our ancestors walking the underground railroad to escape the violence and mistreatment of slavery. Do you remember the great Dr. King's speech on how he had a dream that black and white children could attend the same schools. Do you remember the courage of Rosa Park sitting at the front of the bus, and refusing to move for a white women because her feet was hurting. Do you remember the long and painful journey that one of our African American heroes, Frederick Douglass, took in blood, sweat, and torn clothes to escape the beatings from slavery. Do you remember the cruel and unusual punishment that Emmett Till received for wolf whistling at a white women. Also, do you remember Oprah being announce the first women billionaire of the world. So, I hope you haven't forgotten all these great things that our leaders have done for us. So now I must ask you Did you remember, or have you suddenly forgot.

The author's comments:
this is just a piece for black history month.

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