Dwayne Michael Carter

February 17, 2009
By Danny Amundson BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Danny Amundson BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Dwayne Carter better known as Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper in the history of hip-hop. Lil Wayne was born in New Orleans Louisiana in the neighborhood of Holly Grove. Lil Wayne was born September 27, 1982. By the time he was eight he was rapping and by eleven he had signed with Cash Money Records his first album was The Block is Hot with Juvenile, B.G. and Turk they formed a group called the Hot Boys and sold over four hundred thousand immediately. In 1999 he released Guerrilla Warfare his second album.

When he got into his third and fourth album they didn?t seem to match his first two and his future in cash money records to be fading away. He was the Hot Boy left in Cash Money Records the others either died like B.G. or moved on. After he noticed things weren?t going right he did an album that put on the top again.

Da Drought in 2003, one of many to come was an amazing album I think. In 2004 he released The Carter , which put Lil Wayne in another direction. This Album lead to The Carter 2, The Carter 3 and the Carter three. The Carter three won him the 2009 grammy award for best male rapper of the year. To me Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper alive I love his music and I really respect what he has done and what he?s been through.

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