The Best Day of My Life

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet a
celebrity? What if that celebrity was someone who inspired you
or was your idol? Well I met my celebrity idol in New York City
at the Broadway play the Color Purple. Yes, it really the best
day of my life. Ahh! OMG! It's Fantasia! Click! "Fantasia
Barrino stars in The Color Purple" says news reporters. These
are some of the sounds that I heard when she came out of the
door. Fantasia looked like a tall chocolate rail with jeans
painted on her and brown boots that came to her knees. Her hair
was like a slick poodle's fur. She had huge black shades that
covered her face from the nose up. She came out and gave me a
hug like I was a long lost sister. Click, click, click, and
click from all of the pictures we took. Fantasia was so down
the earth. It really makes a difference when a celebrity acts
as if they're on the same level as us common people. When I saw
her it was like a dream come true. I would always watch her on
American Idol sing her heart out. "When I'm out on the stage,
it gives me this rush and anything that's on my mind and
everything I'm going through is forgotten about," said Fantasia.

I liked her because we could really relate and she inspired me
because she continued to live her life no matter what people

"People will always talk about you, might as well give them
something to talk about." Just like me life hadn't always been
good for her. She wasn't one of the people where everything was
given to you on a silver platter. Even though her life was like
a roller coaster she never managed to give up. "What doesn't
kill me can only make me stronger." Fantasia is a person that's
like me because she makes millions of mistakes that you know
will hurt you in the end but yet you still learn life lessons.

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