January 13, 2009
By Bethany Gielecki, Hartland, WI

I shut my eyes, I see superwomen. I do not know how she keeps going like an energizer bunny. Being superwoman must be a demanding job. She bathed, clothed, and fed me; while trying to work a career. She has done everything to keep our household together; I can only imagine how exhausting that must be.

As I grew older, and matured into the teenage years, she taught me to put on makeup, helped me with the crazy drama at school, and deal with the death of my sister. Whenever I need her, she has always dropped saving the world to be with me. She always try to get me what I want, like letting my boyfriend and the homecoming group sleep over, and trying to make that more enjoyable. My only hope is that I can live up to her expectation of a good daughter.

Superwoman has many disguises. She plays the role of a mother and best friend, also a loving wife and business supporter. This ship that our family had been on was sinking ever since Cassie’s death, but she saved us from the treacherous water and kept us afloat. Shine a light in the air, and she will come to the rescue.

Mom, you are my superwoman. Life would be colorless without you; dull and dim. Your life has had a tremendous amount of speed bumps and rocks, but you push through. Keep on pushing mom. Thank you, for everything; and everything for the years to come.

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