An Amazing Hero

January 12, 2009
By Shane M., Chelsea, MI

With a challenge at hand and a computer for help, this is what my hero likes have. He’d rather do his job, and solve problems, engineering problems. He also likes to help other people with most problems, but he likes to help with technical problems best, like with my sister for physics or me with my math.
When Brian was only twenty two he was diagnosed with colon cancer. This was a big shock and he only had two choices, live a couple more years or get radiation treatment and live longer. Brian, being only twenty two picked the choice to live longer.
A couple years after the treatment they had to replace one of his heart valves because it had been damaged from the radiation treatment. He was okay with that but he still had to have open heart surgery and there was a possibility that he may not make it through the surgery. It was tough but he made it.
One day in 2001 about midday my dad, Brian was at work and was heading to his desk when all of a sudden he had a heart attack. He was then rushed to the Emergency room and was taken care of. The odd thing though is that while he was being taken to the emergency room he was cracking jokes.
When I heard about this when I got home that day I was shocked. My dad was only thirty eight and had already had a heart attack. Now my dad isn’t a large man he is the exact opposite. The reason he had the heart attack is that our family is known to have heart problems. Though he was okay I was worried.
A year or two later he had another heart attack. And again he was still joking around. The second time he had the heart attack the hospital kept him under urgent care for about three days. By the time I was able to see him and he was okay and I was so relieved. He was very happy to see me as was I.
Not all heroes have to have super powers or wear capes. Some just have to be tough and have motive. My dad has the motive to live and help his family and he survived radiation treatment, one open heart surgery and two heart attacks. Most people probably couldn’t do this so I know that I am blessed to have such a father that wants to live so much just to help others. Brian M is my hero in life.

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