My Grandpa My Hero

January 12, 2009
By Nicholas D, Chelsea, MI

My Grandpa (who I call Grandpa D) is someone I would call my hero. He fought for our freedom in World War II, he helped take care of his family when his dad left them when he was a small child, and he helped protect innocent citizens in Detroit during the riots in 1968. Those are just a few reasons I consider my grandpa D a hero.

My Grandpa served as a paratrooper in WWII. This meant that he jumped out of planes into the front lines of battle. He had a very dangerous job and protected people. He put his life in jeopardy to keep our country free and fight communism. He was a hero in war because he put his life before others.

Another reason my Grandpa D is a hero is because when he was just three years old his father walked out of his family. My Grandpa had to run the household even at such an early age. He looked after his siblings and went to work in his early teens to make money for the family. Even though he had a bad role model for a father, he grew up to be a good role model for his own kids. He was a hero to his family because he put their needs before his own.

The final reason that my Grandpa is my hero is because he helped control the peace during the riots. He was a police officer in Detroit when people started hurting each other, he protected the innocent. He helped save people’s homes, businesses and property by putting his own life in danger. My Grandpa worked a dangerous job during a turbulent time in our history. That’s what makes him a hero.

I am proud of my Grandpa and everything he’s done for our country, our family, and other people. Some people may think that heroes are people with super-powers, but I find a hero to be my Grandpa.

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