January 4, 2009
By Emily Denison, Katonah, NY

The philosophical study of morality and ethics is one constantly debated. It is hard to define what moral and immoral is when everyone has their own beliefs, values, needs, and means. The sovereign world’s moral compass is usually comparable with respect to murder, honoring the dead, honoring the living - treating other people “as you would like to be treated,” and being selfless. Undeveloped countries where poverty and hardship are the political, social, and economic norm usually have a hard time maintaining morality in their countries. The most powerful and respected countries in the world have citizens with strong values and that behave in a fashion that world-wide is acceptable or praised. My best friend Charlie is constantly avidly concerned with the morality of situations, and in this way I think he is the human-scale version of the civilized world’s moral countries. Morality and ethics are constantly on Charles’ mind. When he sees people behaving immorally, his opinion of them is starkly tainted. Charlie has a wonderful soul. He is compassionate, caring, empathetic, sympathetic, and always helpful because he knows his own values and lives by a moral code that he has derived from society as being the best he can be in the human experience. Because he is such a strong believer in his morals, he does not do anything that goes against what he believes is right and wrong. For this reason, I highly admire Charlie in everything he does.

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