January 3, 2009
By Liyana Sun, Seminole, FL

Sadly, probably the coolest people I know are ones that I don't talk to. You know, the ones in the "in" crowd, with their perfect hair and perfect smiles. However, the coolest PERSON I know is different. In fact many people wouldn't even consider her cool, because of her plain appearance and aloft personality. My friend Wendy, the coolest person I know, is in fact, a "nerd". Not that it's a bad thing, because she gets terrific grades, and my parents would want her as their daughter any day of the month. But Wendy, with her bold taste in music and her slightly apathetic way of looking at life intrigues me. In freshman year, I remember her as an unapproachable person, who seemed arrogant and self contained. After we became friends in sophomore year, however, I began to see her true character. Wendy wraps herself in spikes but is in fact a fleece teddy bear (she would kill me if she heard that). She does whatever she can to help me, but acts as if she's not going to help at all. Wendy also yells at me a lot, but I know that it's for my own good. Now that we're juniors, I can finally see how cool Wendy is. She's definitely the coolest person in my life-story.

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