Memories in the Waiting Room

December 26, 2008
By Christina Schuster, Rowlett, TX

He was rolled off. I am left waitng and wondering what the next two hours will bring. My mind races back to the day that started it all.
I was just surfing the internet and checking all the websites I have memeberships with. I get to one and here is this guy. He is super cute and I read about him. We have lots in common. We start talking and on April 12, 2008 we made the plans. Then the next weekend we meet up. The smell of shoe polish is in the air. The sales clerk asks me if he can help with anything. My best friend, Samantha, is waiting asking so many questions that I just dont know the answers to. i finally decide who he might be. I dial the number that is forever going to be planted in my head. He reaches for his phone while I can hear the phone ringing from my phone. It was him. I walk up to him and he gives me a hug and I introduced him to every one. Then from that day foward we hung out when ever possible.
The sound of beeps brings me back from the memory of how it all began. It has only been a little while but to me it feels like forever. I am waiting for it to be over so I can see him. He means the world to me. Keep him here is all I pray. Although I know he is fine and it is only minor. Then suddenly it hits me, he is fine, he is strong, and I know he will be out soon. I can leave then, out into the warm winter air where the humidity would ruin my hair if I had found the time to do. He will be fine and I know this so I can relax.

The author's comments:
This articles inspriation came from when my best friend had surgery on his left knee from when he tore his ACL.

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