My Hero as a Child and Now and The Significance of Having One

December 19, 2008
By Ivan Grigorian, Glendale, CA

My heroes from when I was a child and at this age are two different types of people. My hero as a child was Super Man just like any other kid. Super Man was known to everyone and everyone knew him as a character who would save the day. I remember the comics I used to collect as a child. I had comics about Super Man, Bat Man, and all other supper heroes. I also remember reading the comics at the end of news papers where a figure like Super Man would save the day.

When I started to outgrow the super hero phase my hero wasn’t the Character Super Man any more but the actor who played him, “Christopher Reeve” he was my hero after Super Man. Reeve was my hero because he was a very brave and patient man. I looked up to him when I was at that age where I could understand his position and what had happened to him. Then on Oct 11, 2004 Christopher Reeve passed away. I was very sad and remember watching T.V. when I was flipping channels and came across the news. The reporter was tearing up and was also disappointed that Reeve had passed away. After I got over the fact that Christopher Reeve was gone I didn’t have a hero for a long time. I didn’t really look up to a hero; I looked up to people who were around me for example my cousin, my basketball coaches, and the older people around me.

My hero at this age would have to be my dad. I want to be just like him when I grow up. I want to be as fortunate as he is and have a nice house, a job that pays very well, and most importantly a child who looks up to me along with a great family. My dad has been my true hero probably since I was born but I did not realize he was a hero until a couple of years ago. He is the one person I can trust and he is the one person who will be by my side through thick and thin. He is also the one person who I can count on.

Thus everyone has a hero and a super hero; most people have super heroes as role models as children and then grow up to have heroes who have made a change in their lives in one way or another. I think everybody has a hero, anywhere from a child to an adult. Everyone needs someone to look up to and someone to believe in, whether to save the day or just to help them make the right choices it is type of impact to their lives.

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