The Panic Attack!!!!!!!!!

December 14, 2008
By Anonymous

This event occured November 16, 2008 on a cold familar night. While I was approaching the door of my aunt Sara's house, I could hear voices echo throughout the inside of the house. All of a sudden, a bitter taste of cold air hit my mouth forcing me to run inside. Without a doubt, I knew something must have been wrong when I entered into the living room. The noices was coming from the kitchen. Something fell on the floor to my guess, which caused me to run and investigate the issue. Once i entered the kitchen, I looked to see what cause that abundant amount of noice. I looked at the floor to see an iron pan; I felt relieved but was confused about the issue of their argument. I looked from the floor to see my aunt and her son(my cousin) arguing. My aunt which doesn't like to be wrong, tries to prove that our incoming Family Reunion is on the 2nd of June. But my cousin which is the school nerd, claims to identify that the Family Reunion will take place on the 3rd of July. The argument went on for a sensational amount of time. The smell of dounuts hit my noice causing me to imagine myself eating one on a cloud, and not hearing an argument that disrespect a family tradition. My Grandmother came from the stove hoilding a plate full of glazed soft and buttered dounuts. I continued to imagine until she addressed the issue immediately. I vanished for the imagination and turned all my attention upon her. She stated that my cousin was right and she was wrong. That was as simple as she put it which caused total control because of the base in her voice. After that response from my Grandma, the room went slient. My aunt then sat in the nearest chair. All of a sudden, sweat began to run down from her head glands onto her face. To my guess, I thought she was just hot from the heat of the oven. Soon she began to gasp for air as if a static shock went off into her lungs. As a result, it caused me to run up to her in a speed of light. My Gradma insisted us to take her to the air conditioner to calm her. So without asking questions, we rushed her to the nearest room with an air conditioner and placed her face towards it. My Grandmother then placed a pillow beneath her head so that she could get the full effect of the air conditioner. I could see her eyes as weak as the clouds through the window. The lust for air consumed her causing her hand to hit me across the face. I felt the pain but was not focused on it at the time. Within five minutes she began to calm down. My Grandma went into the bathroom and grabbed a wet towel and placed it infront of her head to relieve her from the fever. After she began to breath normally, my cousin and I carried her to her room and gently placed her into the bed. I was stationed to watch her every five out of ten minutes while my cousin take the other five minutes. Within the first three minutes of my lookout time, she looked at me and smiled. To make her smile more I said to her: aunt, u sure have a powerful right hand. My aunt began to laugh which brought joy into my heart. I didnt even think of the pain, eventhough it left a bruise on my right cheek. Within the fifth minute, my aunt fell into a deep sleep causing her to snore. She was so loud that I had to cover up my ears with both hands and with ear muffs. In the end of it all, it was quite interesting.

The author's comments:
My name is Golgotha Donaldson. Well Im a future doctor and actor. I luv tio act and try to help others. I try to get the readers to see that even though you are not in your major field yet, there are still ways to prepare yourself as I did with the incident of the panic attack.

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