Our American Heroes

December 11, 2008
By lve290 BRONZE, Stokesdale, North Carolina
lve290 BRONZE, Stokesdale, North Carolina
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The group of children smiled as the elderly man walked by them, but only a few realized the honor, the service, the justice, that the marked up man had provided his country. A ten year old girl had been informed by her parents of all the dedication and hard work veterans put into securing our country. She understood his importance, and looked up into the aged eyes of the man, and whispered a quiet “thank you,” while the rest continued about their activities, never giving the man a second thought. This story is an example of what goes on in many youth’s lives. They fail to realize the significance of veterans, and the difficult by honoring past they have. But the individuals, who do realize their importance, see that veterans benefit today’s youth because they exemplify discipline, honor, and selflessness.
These three character qualities shine so fervently through the actions of our veterans. Through their service and sacrifice, we see so clearly, an example of discipline, first and foremost. This is something crucial for every individual to have, to attain any goals they wish to reach in their lives. It is important to teach teens, and our youth today that they must show discipline in every area of their lives, ranging from what they eat, to the hours of dedication they commit. Our veteran’s service has been an example of men who fight, and are disciplined to go through the strenuous hours and hours of training, then fighting, and defending our country. Discipline is a quality that is exceedingly beneficial to our youth.
Our veterans’ service and sacrifice is not just beneficial to our youth because it shows discipline, but it also provides honor. Honor to live here, honor to be a U.S. citizen, and honor to be belonging in a free country. What many do not realize is that we should be filled with honor, to be in the United States of America. We can live freely, and speak with opinion. We should possess a feeling of pride and honor, when we see the beautiful colors of red, white and blue. The service and sacrifice of our veterans demonstrates honor to be apart of our country. Every one of our youth should realize and appreciate our country, and have honor just to have the privilege of living in this beautiful, free country. Honor is key to have when we our living in such a flourishing country. It is a sad thing to see youth who are oblivious to the wonderful opportunities we are provided in our country, and due to their oblivion, they are not even honored to be apart of our country. Our veterans play a crucial part in showing our youth that this country, the United States, is one to be absolutely, positively honored to be apart of.
Selflessness is also another great quality that veterans do a spectacular job of epitomizing, by their service and sacrifice. They put millions of lives before themselves, and are always having the best interest of others in mind. Youth today can learn a great deal from veterans who go through extensive training, just to be in combat where their lives could be stripped form them anytime.

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