December 7, 2008
By Dana Najmowski, Secaucus, NJ

May, 17, 2008 changed my life. It made me smile a little more, laugh a little louder, and I learn how to really appreciate someone. That’s when my first really serious relationship started. His name is Mark and 6 months ago he flipped my world upside down.

The crack of the bat making the ball soar along the crisp spring air is how it all began. Invited by a friend, I went to Mark’s baseball game. After an outstanding game we went over to talk to a few players on the team who we knew. That‘s when we met. Sliding into home base his pants still covered in dirt stains, along with a withered patch on his left leg; I found him appealing. Suddenly, he turned to me and started asking me questions about my age, my grade, my teachers; anything that he thought would spark a conversation. Somehow, his charm worked because he left with my number.
His slim, yet muscular figure some how attracted me. Along with his gelled light brown hair and small squinty deep brown eyes tempted me. He has three soft wrinkles on his forehead from raising his eyebrows, which he does quite often. His face is small but heart-shape which fit is narrow body well. He has the personality that can cheer up the saddest people. He was animated - yet serious, funny- but knew his limits. To me he seemed perfect. I loved his style. His Abercrombie shirts looked like they were made for him. They were fitted perfectly to show off his well-developed arms.
Many things remind me of him. Instantly, walking into Abercrombie I think of him. The aroma of the cologne in the store makes me think of him. It reminds me of our long, everlasting hugs, and even just being with him.
Never before have I met anyone as romantic as him. On our one month anniversary he surprised me with a darling bracelet and lovely heart-shaped earrings. With a twinkle in his eye he presented them to me. I was shocked by the thought of him picking out jewelry. To this day he surprised me. I get random texts every morning with a compliment which brightens my day and helps me start every day off with a smile.
Nevertheless, this tall, sweet, hopeless romantic completes me. Every crooked smile, lies, and fight just made him closer to me.


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