♥My life support♥

December 5, 2008
By tuesday allen, Locust Grove, GA

I have four heroes, this may sound silly but I really don't think I could go on living without them. If they're reading this then I want them to know it doesn't matter what order there in on my top friends on MySpace, or in this paper. I love them all the same I won't ever let the order of which I type their names ruin that. So let's get started.
First there's (my trust), what keeps all my friends together what I need the most to keep these friendships and meet new people. My trust is lyndsey A., my best friend of 15 years. And I guess that's because she's my sister, but she's the friend that's always there when I can't trust anyone else .Sure I dislike her sometimes, we fight constantly, and we don't get along very much. But she's always there for me and I hope it never changes! And I know I could tell her anything and shed keep it to herself! And my trust is what allows me to have more than one best friend so here’s to the next friend.
(My backbone), the thing that keeps me standing, the thing I couldn't hold my head up high without. By backbone is Jacob R., (he's gay) he's been my best friend for about 2 years. He's the one I hang with at school and talk to about boys. The one who knows the real me immature and fun I don't know how I could get through my boy troubles without him! (Or school) lol! He picks on me and I pick on him but it's all out of fun anytime I get in trouble he gets me out of it. Without my backbone I couldn't stand straight enough to have my third friend.
(My heart), I would have no blood flow and couldn't function without it. This friend is Braden M., he's been my best friend for about six years we really didn't get along at first but now were inseparable. You can try to take him away as many times as you want. I don't care if you’re his wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend just know that I come before you always. It might sound mean but that's the way it works! And you can't take him away. He’s the one for me, the one ill marry, and he’s my true love. Without my heart id have no oxygen so he brings me to my last friend.
( The air I breath), the thing that will keep me alive long enough to be there tell the end for my other friends .The air I breath is Mercedes R., not only has she been my best friend since birth but also my cousin. We tell each other everything; we keep nothing from each other. We have secrets no one else knows about, secrets we will keep to ourselves for life. Were always there for each other through the bad times, and the good ones to. She's like a sister to me and it will never change!!!She's the one I’m always acting silly with. We have stupid made up words and dances and that's what makes us well, us!
And were all friends and when combined we make the most immature, noncarring, smartass, teenagers you will ever meet! And I would be less than a quarter of a person, incomplete. And feel as if there was a black hole where my heart once belonged, and emptiness in my stomach that ached so bad it killed me. So if your reading this I mean it I love you truly even though we fight it'll never change!!!
And one day the air I breathe will run out, killing my heart, crumbling my backbone, ending my trust. But in the end weather its heaven or hell we go to, we will still fly like angels or burn for eternity together. No matter what you can't separate us!
Theyare My life support

The author's comments:
my name is tuesday, wierd huh. well let me start off by saying i didnt just write this to enter some contest i wrote it on a blog on myspace cause theese really are my true friends i really couldnt live without them thell be here for me and ill be here for them even after the end. and i dont know very many people that can say this about there friends.they inspired me. and when i gave it to them as a gift they said it was so good i should get it published i didnt think it was all that good i was just tryin to be sweet to them after reading to a few more people it made me realize how great it actually was and every thing in here came from me not the enternet i wrote and its all true i hope you liked it cause every one else seemed to!!! thanx for reading leave me some comments!!!

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