Dwayne Wade

December 2, 2008
By Kevin Hagedorn, Thompson Falls, MT

Dwayne Wade is my definition of a hero. You may know him from when he drives to the basket or pulls up a last second buzzer beater, but he’s a lot more than a basketball star. He’s a role model.

Growing up, Dwayne had to deal with divorced parents. He lived with his mother until he was eight and then moved in with his dad. Dwayne loved to play sports. He never thought he would play professionally until he moved to his dad’s. Dwayne’s dad was coach of a teenage team in Chicago. Hours of practice with his step-brother and his father turned him into a greater player. As the years went by and Dwayne started high school, he was looking forward to play football and basketball. Dwayne was a standout cornerback and wide receiver. The basketball coaches weren’t very impressed with Dwayne on the court. After playing on the younger team his sophomore year, Dwayne was determined to be on varsity his junior year. Dwayne worked out all summer, shooting hundreds of shots every day. His junior year, Dwayne opened eyes when he averaged 20.7 points and 7.6 rebounds that season. He worked hard to become a superior athlete but when it came time for colleges to hand out scholarships, they backed off him because he wasn’t doing so well in school. Finally Marquette gave him a chance to be a star for them. Studying hard and getting good grades, he was finally ready to hit the court. Dwayne had a very successful career at Marquette, making it to the Final Four his Senior Year. Everything he accomplished, he did through hard work and determination. Dwayne shows that you can do anything you set your mind to. Dwayne Wade is my hero.

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Dizzy said...
on Nov. 7 2011 at 12:21 pm
you spelled his name wrong its Dwyane not Dwayne.

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