My Cousin's Wedding

December 1, 2008
I remember the warmth of the flames against my face. With each breath the fire blowers blew huge flames out of their mouths. It was my cousin Shelia’s wedding in New York City. I remember when I first walked into the wedding and saw my cousins, I had no idea about the incredible time I was about to have.

It was my first time in a long time seeing all my cousins that I don’t get to see very often. My cousin Johnathon in the military who is very funny and sort of a role model to me was there and it was great to see him. When I approached my cousins Johnathon, Diane, Robert and David I saw them laughing like they did when they were growing up it felt great to be a part of such a huge great family. My family doubled in size that day but what was really nice was to be around the people that I know will always be there for me to make me laugh, to comfort me and to just be my family. That night when I was watching the entertainment with my family I thought about all the great times we have had at the wedding and all the other times. My favorite time with Robert was when he taught me how to skateboard and I’ve loved it ever since. To be honest I find myself very lucky to have a supporting family like my mom especially.

The next thing that happened was the priest of the ceremony stepped and started juggling sticks caught on fire!! He juggled them in between his legs, over his head, back to back and between the other fire throwers, it was amazing. Then he started putting the fire in his mouth and blowing it out (which I will never understand). Then since the wedding was in a garden people started walking in to see the entertainment I guess because they thought it was for everybody, it was hilarious, we let them stay because it’s good that everyone gets to enjoy it.

My cousin was telling me about how he was stationed in Iraq and what it was like. I admired that he still was himself after going through that he still had the same sense of humor and kindness he always had he did. He didn’t change and was so brave and that is part of the reason I admire him.

When I was talking to Robert he told me he was going to be moving from California to New York and I was very excited because I barely get to see him and now I’ll get to see him a lot more and maybe skateboard with him a little bit more.

Me and my younger cousin Frank had the best idea that since we were in New York (the best place to skate ever) we should get my skateboard and have a session. So we got my skateboard and for a bit three fun filled hours we skated some three stairs and spots I just wish we had a camera then.

When I think about the fact that I don’t get to see all my family that much it makes me sad but I know. After the wedding some of my cousins will go back to California Jonathon will go to the military and I won’t get to see them for a while, maybe even a year. But I know I will always have that experience to remember and that’s what matters the memories and the experiences make me who I am today.

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