Who is my Hero?

November 21, 2008
By Emily Roberts, Swartz Creek, MI

Firefighters are Heroes
They save people from fires
Police officers are Heroes
They keep the public safe from criminals
Teachers are Heroes
They educate our youth, our future
Pastors are heroes
They spread the word of God
Then there a people
A single mother who works 3 jobs
to support her children
She’s a hero
A man who takes time out of his busy day
to change a strangers tire
He’s a hero
Or someone like you
Who puts forth the effort
To help feed my family
When we need it the most
Thank you for being my hero

The author's comments:
This is the first time my family's struggled with financial problems so bad we've considered giving up our house. Four kids are a lot to feed. My dad makes to much money and my mom works two jobs. That's too much for us to qualify for most charities. But one women, put in a little extra time and effort to get us a food basket for the Holidays, and make it through another month.
I can honestly say I know who my heroes are.

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