November 19, 2008
Alfred is the best. He drowns me with his chocolate brow eyes. Don’t look to close, you could get caught up and swept away. His long black hair flows in the wind like a kite on a cold windy day. He wears clothes that you just can’t help but stare at in aw. Sometimes you don’t know if he is coming or going.
I meet Alfred outside my school. People stare as they walk by. “Why is Alfred with her” they all thought. Unlike them, I know that we are friends. We walk outside to the open air. I inhale a deep chunk of air. It smelt clean. A honk interrupts my thoughts. I look at the source of the noise. I see Alfred in his white mustang with blue racing stripes. I walk to his car. We go home.
I run away and yell “HIDE AND SEEK!” Alfred turned around and counted.
“1. . . 2. . . 3. . .” he said. I run to a closet and hide inside. I hear “Ready or not here I come!” I try to contain my giggles. I soon here foot steps walking toward the door. I watch the door knob twist. I try to go into the closet farther, but a wall stopped my forceful push. The door opens; I look up and see my brother, my hero.

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