Heroes for the Helpless

November 17, 2008
By Kelly Stojka, Toms River, NJ

There are both small and big town heroes. There are likely and unlikely heroes, but what makes a hero unlikely? A hero is labeled as a person of courage and accomplishment, or a protagonist. Can an unlikey hero be a person who hasn't found their srtrength yet, or perhaps just an ordinary person? In my eyes a hero is someone that displays courage when no one else will. They believe that something is unjust, so they fight to stop it. Heroes are not bystanders because they choose to make a difference.
To be a hero you don't have to have superpowers, you just have to make a difference in somebodies life. The way others reflect on you is what makes you either a protaganist or an antagonist. I'd hope most people would choose to be a protagonist, but without any antagonists there would not be any protagonists. The world needs balance to make sense.
Not all heroes run into burning buildings or even save lives. Heroes are ordinary people that choose to do extrordinary things. No one makes them do what they do, but they do it anyway. You can call the shots, and you can either be the protagonist or the antagonist. You might end up being saved by a hero sometime in your life. Even heroes need to be saved every once in a while, whether they'll admit it or not. A true hero shows fear when they are scared, and every hero eventually shows weakness.

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