My Hero: My Brother, The Marine

November 18, 2008
By Sarah McManus SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
Sarah McManus SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Many people have older siblings. I happen to have three. My eldest brother is someone that I would have never expected to be my hero. He played rugby in high school and was offered to play in a high league. He turned down that AMAZING opportunity to become a marine. He put his civilian life on hold to serve his country.

As a marine he went through boot camp. I remember going to his graduation and the guys still in boot camp were yelled at. I couldn't help to think but "Ed went through this?!" After boot camp Ed went through training and then we found out the bad news. He was being deployed to Iraq. Our whole family couldn't believe it.

I`m sure you know the main reaction as we knew he left. "Will I ever see my oldest brother again?" The thing that really tortured me was the fact that I wasnt there to wave good-bye. But my mom was. She cried the whole plane ride home. Her baby boy was leaving for 7 months. Any mother who loves their child would act the same way.

As the months passed and letters came and went it was finally time to go see my oldest brother come home. Posters and signs were made and the plane left from the airport. That whole ride all I could think of was if my big brother would look the same. Would I be able to recognize him? My family stayed at a hotel for a week waiting Ed`s arrival. He was almost home.

After hours and hours of waiting his arrival. I finally see my big brother. He looks the same. Everyboy within Camp Pendleton could here the shouts and crys of love that flew through the air. I hugged my brother and didnt want to let him go forever!

Ed came back to our house with us and every morning I had to give him a hug. And the feeling never went away. Especially when we found out more information many months later.

Ed was going to Iraq, again. I knew the feelings were going to be the same but we were a little stronger than before. I knew that I would miss him terribly again but he knew this is what he signed up for and he was just doing his job.

Again months passed with letters, emails, and sometimes instant messaging. When the nine months finally were up and he was on his way home again i was ecstatic! He was safe and coming home! And i could finally hug and kiss him again. I know he was relieved and so was the whole family!

When Ed came back home he was here just in time for my birthday! Talk about great timing! But he was ready to return to civilian life. And we were glad we had our brother, son, and nephew home again!

So when Ed leaves again in 2009 for either Iraq or Afganistan I know that I can know that he is there to protect not just me but every other civilian. And that is what makes my brother my hero. He never complains and knows what his duty to his country is without complaint. He is the best older brother and hero a girl could ever ask for.

The author's comments:
My oldest brothers bravery inspired me to write this piece.

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on Mar. 29 2009 at 5:57 pm
This was really good. A few parts were a little repetitive ("I know that I can know that he is there") but it was a good story, and really sweet. Nice work (;


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