the little boy

November 16, 2008
By Anonymous

i saw you running along the street
but then i noticed in bare feet
i followed you to see how far
but what i saw was much to hard
i hide along the wall so they could not see me
not to long the little boy stared greiving
he had no clothes
he had no shoes
he heard me breathing behind the wall
i tryed to run but i began to fall
he came and helped me to my feet
i said your kindness has spoken to me
i saw the tears along his face
and all the compassion for him had gone a waste
i took him in my arms and held him tight
he looked up at me as tho this had been the first time he had been alright
i took him home and washed him good
i gave him food but he just stood
he said to me why are you so nice
i said because children are my life
i put him to sleep all nice and warm
and left him a treat under his pillow that said please dont morn

The author's comments:
i love this poem because its meaning tells you that even if you little you can change the heart of someone else

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on Sep. 17 2013 at 11:13 am
I Really dot like this article what i am going to do is maybe just maybe right a  summary about it. amnd if i do then i will post it up on instagram!! YEA!! Haha Im Just PLaying,Buet It Was a a Good Article.. I Love Poemss!!:)

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