The Ultimate Hero Handbook

December 8, 2008
Everyone needs a hero. It is second nature to look up to a role model and model your life after certain people or to have aspiring dreams to transform into a “somebody” from a “nobody.” But choosing a hero can be a dilemma. With approximately 6.7 billion people in the world to choose from, narrowing our hero choice down to one is not an easy task. Fortunately for you, this guide has been targeted for those who are currently caught in a quandary. However, there is a simple way out. Carefully evaluate your criteria and desires; selecting a hero has never been easier.
Classic Superheroes. Decade after decade, these superheroes never seem to age. They are the sweet escape from the harsh reality to the “good ol’ days.” Popular superheroes include Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Motivation, determination, and perseverance -- these constitute the imperative characteristics of a superhero. Unhindered by a strong moral code, they always put service above self. Attentive and punctual, they appear in the nick of time when trouble begins to lurk. To protect their family members and friends, they live two distinct lives. One life, a secret identity, is living under a mask and a tight fitting uniform and another life as an ordinary civilian with common names such as Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Their heroic deeds are accredited to their code name and although they never receive true recognition, they vow to never reveal their alter ego to the public. Superheroes are generally blessed by the support of a loyal confidant, a personal sidekick and the discontented public. The blessings do not end there. They also have an exclusive archenemy whose one and only motive in life is to kill the hero. Yes, these heroes have it all. In addition, they are the only people who can pull off wearing tights. This is all part of the package that includes a secret headquarters overflowing with advanced gadgets and a unique way of transportation (i.e. “Batmobile,” superhuman ability to fly and web-shooters). They are the perfect type of heroes for those who seek the fantasy world and treasure the innocent, childish ideals. The only downfall is that these heroes always have a love interest that ranks higher than you; the odds are that they will save their true love before rescuing you.
Charismatic Celebrities. The rich and the famous has been the short-lived hero of every teenager for ages. The selected few are the world’s powerful, beautiful people. On the cover of every tabloid magazines, the center of the movie screens and on every TV channel, the only escape from these heroes is to pursue a life as a hermit. The fashion trend setters, everything they own has been labeled a “must buy.” From owning a personal fashion line, living in an enormous mansion, driving the latest model, and eventually marrying an equally stunning and influential mate; they deserve the awes and the envies of everyone. They impact every decision we make from what to eat for dinner to political affiliations. These heroes are perfect for those who cannot seem to live their own lives and are in a constant need of public opinion to lead their lives. Examples of popular celebrities include Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Be careful and watch out for the humanly sugar-coated mistakes they make, and remember some things are never meant to be copied.
Reputable Historical Figures. When in doubt of what to do, why not look at a person who has done it before. A common characteristic of these heroes is that they have left this world but nevertheless, their legacies have remained a part of every generation. Earning their fame and the respect of countless number of people, famous historical figures include Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Helen Keller. They have made decisions that people dare not to make, carried out “unpopular” actions that are morally right but may not be accepted by the majority. With enormous responsibility, they did not let the overwhelming and seductive power overtake them. Standing strong and true; they are the heroes of people from various age groups. They are outdated but inspiring. Their mistakes are meant to be a lesson and placed in history to ensure the same mistakes are not to be made again. This type of hero is perfect for anyone who cares about the world and wants to make a difference. The only negative side is that their inspiring words are not all comprehendible. Set in a different time period, it is hard to understand their language and their circumstances. In other words, it can be hard to relate to them and feel undeniably small next to their accomplishments.
“Ordinary” Parents. Here is one type of hero that does not require a lot of searching.
Ultimately when you’re ready to mature, the unsung heroes can be found closer than you think. Overlooked and overworked, they have a 24 hour and 7 day a week shift. Patient and loving, they never judge you for your mistakes. Though it seems that failures and mistakes never stop accumulating, they consider their child as number one, contrary to the world’s definition of success. Like the time when your soccer team hates you for shooting the winning goal for the opposing team, or when you forget that one and only line in the school Christmas play, “Can you hear the bells?” But still the parents are the ones cheering and screaming, “That’s my baby!” in the stands and the first ones to stand and scream “Standing ovation!” These heroes seem to truly believe their child is the most beautiful child of all even though it goes against the standards of the accepted beauty. You could have a head shaped like a watermelon and an oversized nose, but to them no child is more beautiful than their baby. The unconditional love extends to the ends of the earth and they are willing to risk their lives for an unworthy child. These heroes are perfect for those searching for love and for someone who will catch you when you are falling (literally and figuratively). But one bad side effect is the never ending nagging and teaching. The nagging doesn’t stop from “Don’t forget to eat your vegetables.” to “Did you clean behind your ears?” Word of advice, treasure every little thing they say, it is greater than gold.

It is natural instinct to have and want a hero. The world will be too much for us to handle on our own if we did not have a role model. Heroes come in all different forms, some are evident and some are unknown. With 6.7 billion people in the world, you are not bounded by any law to choose a hero from my guide. Choose a hero that inspires you. A hero like no other, the one that puts you in amazement because of everything he or she accomplished. But for me, “Hero of the Year,” award goes to my parents. Actually, “Hero of my Life” can be accredited to them. They are the ones that strike awe through my blood veins after all their hardships and sacrifices they have made for undeserving child like me.

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