The Last Goodbye

June 17, 2014
This past year has been really rough. A very close family member of yours has passed. This family member is your grandpa. During his wake, you and your family cry for hours and don’t sleep for the first couple of days. Your grandpa was like your second father, he meant the world to you.

Before you go to bed, you think about him and you say a couple of prayers hoping he is listening so you can talk to him about your day. You want to tell him how much you love him and how much you miss him. You ask God why he took your grandpa. As you are in your bed you hear

‘Why’ by Rascal Flatts and stop to cry. You think about how he is gone forever and how you will never ever see him again. You cry because you think about all the great times that you had with him and how he made a huge impact on your life.

There was one fear you never got over until you thought about how much your grandpa supported you with that fear and that he knew you would overcome it. You overcame that fear on October 31st, 2013. You had a fear of Halloween but your grandpa always knew that you would overcome it. On that day all you think about is of how proud he would have been if he was still there. But then you cry yourself to sleep because you loved him so much.

As the days go by you realize that he is watching over you and that he is supporting you in everything that you do even though he isn’t physically here. You know he is so proud of you and your accomplishments. A couple of months have passed by and you begin to feel better and not as sad or depressed anymore because you know that he wouldn’t want you to spend the rest of your life crying.

You now find out what really caused him to pass. Your parents never really told you because they know how emotional you are so they say to you now, “Grandpa John went into the hospital with a very bad headache. The doctors thought that he had a bad cold. He was in the hospital for two weeks and had three heart attacks. The first heart attack he lived through. The second one took them ten minutes to get him up and going and the last one took them over twenty minutes to get him up and going. The doctors told us that his brain was shutting down and that he soon became blind and didn’t know much of anything anymore. He was in a coma.” They go on to say, “Grandpa didn’t want you to come and see him because he knew that it would make you cry and tear up.”

You spoke to him over the phone never thinking that it would be the last time speaking to him, but you never got to say the last goodbye.

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