My Hero

June 11, 2014
By MrStealYb15 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
MrStealYb15 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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A hero is a reliable person who is a good problem solver and dependable during crunch time. Batman is my hero because he is a brave problem solver who saves countless lives. Batman in reality is Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is a Multi-Millionaire Business man to cover up for Batman.
When Batman was a child he overcame obstacles. When he was little both his parents died during a mugging where they were shot and killed. I think that’s what made Bruce Wayne want to become Batman. He wanted to save people so the same thing wouldn’t happen to them.

When Batman was an Adult he saved countless lives. Batman strapped to a bomb by the Joker. He didn’t be stupid and try to yank them out. He calmed everyone down and defused the bomb himself. If it were me I would of did something stupid and everyone would have blown up including me. But batman kept his cool and wasn’t nervous.

Batman would be remembered as a super hero and one of the best. And he didn’t have any powers like Spiderman or Superman so the level of difficulty was off the charts. He still managed to save lives as a super hero. He had a huge impact Gotham City and the world.

Batman will always be remembered for what he did. He always did his beest to keep everyone safe. When my little brother grows up he wants to be Batman. Batman is and always be my hero.

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