Midnight On The Rhine

November 6, 2008
By Patrick Fawley BRONZE, Islip, New York
Patrick Fawley BRONZE, Islip, New York
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P. J. Fawley

Out the window, I saw the rainy night sky and the lights of a car. It reminds me of those bright lights on that night.

I heard the burst of the flaks hitting the Fortress. My heart pounded and then a big BANG came from the left wing. "It's now or never boys. The river's waitin for ya. . . . .Next stop, Germanyyyyyyyyyyyy.." I rushed out the plane and as i looked up, I saw the shadow of the plane coming towards me with smoke on the wing. She was going down and it was going to fall ontop of my parachute! There's the nose and the cockpit ......the wing! The wing was going to drag my parachute down, along with me! I was falling like a rock. It felt like going down a steep slide for hours. Then, I saw the damaged wing fall off, putting the plane in a tumble roll. I thought "That's it. I'm going to die from a plane in free-fall." Then, miraculously, my parachute slipped off the wing and I was looking at the plane fall..........and crash into the river. The plane was scrap, but before it crashed, I saw a man, a late jumper get out the plane, but I couldn't see if he had a parachute. I just saw him fall with the plane. I've been in the sky for at least 5000 feet, 1500 to go. As I was waiting to get on the ground, I saw AA gun fire like no tomorrow. That was my target, at least 1/2 a mile away.
Touchdown. I quikly went to look for my squad and wait for briefing from the captain. "All right. We've made it through the easy part boys. Now we gotta take out those flaks. Move out and stay together!" We passed through some towns and I could see what this war has done. To the left, I saw kids starring at us like they've been cursed by a demon. To my right, I could see their house, rubble and fire was all around it. I knew this needed to stop. Right then and there, I wanted to say that everything we'll be okay, but they just ran, ran away in a destroyed town. It was so quiet in the town, then some one yelled "SNIPER GET DOWN!!TAKE COV...." That was the last I heard of him. " A bullet right through the head got him. Stay down and stay quiet" We crawled 3 blocks down and then saw somsthing we weren't prepared to see at 18 years old, a woman that was, well she wasn't breathing. It's midnight and we finally got to our position. Nazis were all over in one spot firing at the B-17's. We have the element of suprise. The only problem is ..we're outnumbered 5:1. We needed a way to get them all in one shot or we were done for. "I got and idea." said a young private. "Oh yea? What is it?"
" We take all our grenades, pull them all at once, drop them as quietly as posible and run as far away as you can." "That just might work. Everyone 3..2..1..drop!" "Now RUN!!!". . . . . .BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!"Is everuone ok?" "Sir, we lost the private." "What?" We all bowed are heads in honor for him and moved on to French soil before any more Nazis showed up. I will never forget that night. That Midnight On The Rhine in Germany in 1945.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in honor of the veterens today. Happy Veteren's Day. Never forget the men and women today who give their lives for the people they love. I solute them for their sacrifice.

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